questions you should ask a solar company in Orlando

If you’ve ever considered making the switch to solar, there are some common questions you might have as you begin your research. With that in mind, we put together a helpful FAQ that you can use to cover some of the basics. These quick answers, coupled with the information available to you from our very own website. Which will help you gain enough solar knowledge to pursue your renewable, affordable energy goals.  

Parallel Solar Roofing LLC

How much solar power do I need?

To answer this question, you can start by looking at your current electricity bill, and the average amount of electricity you’re using & paying for each month. We recommend to Talk with a solar Professional about your energy needs, and any changes you might be making in the foreseeable future that may affect your energy usage, like a growing family or a large electric appliance. to talk to a solar company in Orlando: solar company near me in Orlando Parallel Solar Roofing LLC.

How long will installation take? 

Typically, solar panel installations take about 1-3 days! While smaller homes can be done in a day, larger projects may naturally take more time. This also depends on the permitting process and your need and wants. We always recommend parallel Solar’s solar installers who will quickly and efficiently install your system, so you can begin generating power as soon as possible! It’s important to note that before the installation process begins, you’ll first spend some time planning and designing your system with a qualified team of expert solar engineers. 

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What are the warranties available on labor and parts?

Always check the warranties on solar panels, installation, and solar battery storage. The lifespan of a solar energy system is ~25-30 years, so you’ll want to stick with products that stand up to this test of time. However, we recommend Parallel Solar as they offer industry-leading warranties and guarantees that protect the quality and longevity of your system.

What is my potential return on investment? 

You will likely see a return on your investment starting at your first financing payment, which tends to be lower than what you pay for energy before solar. Over the lifetime of your system, you will save thousands of dollars on your energy bills. The system usually pays for itself over the course of the first few years, and any savings after that point are pure profit for you. Plus, installing solar increases the value of your property, which also adds value.

Are there available tax incentives?

The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) is a 30% credit on the cost of your solar energy system—if it’s installed in the next few years. This can help bring the cost down of your solar panels by an average of approximately $10,000. Now is a great time to go solar as well, while Net Metering is still on the table! Fr more info about the questions you should ask about solar in Orlando, click here.